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10 Signs Your Blog Content Sucks

Does your blog content suck? We'll explain.

You know you’ve seen it. (Aside from our liberal usage of Stock Photos.) You get content back from a new writer or come across it from the latest Facebook post from the company you follow. It’s bad content. Here’s a round-up the top 10 signs your blog content sucks, and what you can do to make it better.


10: Your Blog Content Serves no Purpose

Ever get the feeling there is content being published, for blog content sake? Content should be utilized as a way to engage your customer or prospects, not a few hundred words of crap. If your blog content isn’t serving a purpose – like acquiring new customers or keeping your existing ones engaged, get rid of it.

9: There is Nothing Action Oriented About Your Content

Ever read a post and it just, ends? What’s the point of that? Your blog content should be asking for your readers inputs. Your blog template should be gathering email addresses, providing some sort of ROI.

8: Visually, it Looks Like Someone Threw-up a Font Monster

Writers inserting Comic Sans is asking for trouble.
Hopefully your blog writers don’t have access to publish on your blog, but if they do, WATCH OUT! Time and time again we’ve see writers decide to bold text for no reason, or use inconsistent



or insert fonts like Comic-Sans into your beautiful blog because they thought it looked nicer.

Take control! Your entire blog should be made up of clean HTML, and you should be utilizing smart CSS rules to change fonts or colors.

7: Your Blog Covers 20 Topics in 300 Words

If you’re an expert in drywall hanging, your blog content probably shouldn’t jump into landscaping and insect extermination in the same blog post. Consistency is key – talk about your business. Talk about your hobby, and just stick to it. More is not always better.

6: Your Blog is the Same Content – Just Repurposed

Along those same lines, is your blog post just like the one that was published last week, but maybe with a of a revamp? Is it covering the same darn topics as a competitor? Does your content provide any new viewpoints, or provide an argument? Nothing is worse than a repeat of the same thing like a broken record- and absolutely nothing is worse than plagiarizing  content.

5: Your Blog Content Reads Like a Monkey Could Have Wrote it

does your content seem like a monkey could have written it? It probably sucks.

Yes, the science of chimpanzee’s learning to communicate is certainly amazing, but if your content sounds like a 2nd grader wrote it – it may be time to bust out a thesaurus. Also make sure you are using proper caPitaLIzaTion and sentence structure.  Poorly written content sucks and gives the impression you don’t care.

4: Or, it Sounds Like a Rocket Scientist Wrote it

Don't let a rocket scientist write your blog content.

Depending on what your blog content is being written about, this is probably not a good thing. Similar to the point above, if your blog content is written in a manner which is too confusing or complex for your audience to read, it’s going to plummet to the bottom of the ocean. Ever hear of the concept, KISS? Keep It Simple, Stupid.

3: Your Blog Content is Not Valuable

Ultimately if you’ve selected the checkbox on any of these, you’re probably getting the point that your content is not valuable. Evergreen content is useless. People’s time is precious, so make it count. Provide value.

2: Your Blog Content is Not Scannable

Why do you think we made this post into a bite-sized chunk of fun? People don’t read, they scan blog content. When your reader is sitting on the toilet (oh come on, you know you do it) looking through their news feeds, they don’t read word for word, start-to-finish. They scan. Your blog content should make smart usage of spacing, fonts, and lists. We can keep rambling on here, but I’m guessing you’ve already moved on to the next topic since you probably were scanning only the bullet points.

1: Your Blog Content Has been SEO’d to Death

don't let your blog content be over SEOdThere are a few big reasons to start a blog, and one of them is to get SEO traffic. But when your blog content sounds robotic and tries to squeeze every ounce of SEO rankings, your readers suffer. Do everyone a favor. Stop writing for a search engine and write for your audience – they will be more likely to share it, and we believe that’s more valuable than moving up a ranking from page 3.

So, What Can You Do About Bad Blog Content?

Well, we’d be remiss if we didn’t suggest signing up today to Content AutoPilot :). But in all seriousness, before hitting the publish button on your blog, it all comes down to ONE thing. Will this blog content provide any value to my readers?

If you cannot  answer “Yes!,” you should probably take a step back and figure out what you’re writing and why.

Do you have any other tips or reasons blog content has sucked? Let us know below!

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