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Does your blog content suck? We'll explain.

10 Signs Your Blog Content Sucks

You know you’ve seen it. (Aside from our liberal usage of Stock Photos.) You get content back from a new writer or come across it from the latest Facebook post from the company you follow. It’s bad content. Here’s a round-up the top 10 signs your blog content sucks, and what you can do to […]

Content Marketing ROI

Proving Content Marketing ROI

Often we get asked if there is such as a thing as true content marketing ROI. We might be biased, as we create content for a living, but our opinion is: heck yes content marketing provides ROI! We get it though. Sometimes it may feel like content marketing isn’t providing enough value. Or, more specifically, not enough […]

Dos and donts of facebook advertising

Dos and Dont’s of Facebook Ads

We consistently see owners of businesses tossing their hard-earned money away on Facebook ads that are ineffective. That makes me very sad, because oftentimes all it’ll take are some small changes to make their Facebook ads explode. We’ve spent thousands of dollars upon Facebook advertisements and learned a couple of things on what’ll work and […]

Dos and Donts

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Content Marketing

Companies of all sizes in all different industries are using content marketing to attract and retain customers in their target market.  In fact, every year more and more companies are investing their money in this type of marketing, in the hopes of delivering relevant and useful information to their potential and current client base. (Content […]

Content marketing guide for Start Ups

Content Marketing for Startups

You, the founder of a blossoming startup, are ready to take on anything. You’ve got an idea.  You even built a kick-ass  website. You’ve (maybe) got a few customers and even some revenue. But you’ve got one problem. You need to get your word out to the world, cost effectively. Let us be the first […]

What is the first blog post you should write?

Can you smell that? No, it’s not the leftovers from a few nights ago. It’s the fresh smell of excitement! You’ve done it. You have a blog. You have a custom web address. Congrats! You got a template, picked some cool plugins, and now you’re ready to start sharing with the world your deepest passion […]